Application Forms

Please download the appropriate application form below, complete and return to:

Kenya Bureau of Halal Certification
Village plaza, Ngara Rd, Block A, Suite A2,
P.O. Box 39445-00623 Nairobi , Kenya

Poultry Abattoirs

Food Manufacturing & Processing


Meat Processors

Beef and Sheep Abattoirs

Catering Facilities Eg. Hospitals, Catering Kitchens, Airlines.

KBHC-SOP-011-Halal Certification Procedure for Food Processing Companies-1.0.

KBHC-SOP-013-Halal Certification Procedure for Slaughterhouse and Butchery -1.0.

KBHC-SOP-012 KBHC – Halal Certification Procedure for Food Premises REV: 1.0 ISSUE: 1.0