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  • A Halal label on its own is no longer enough to guarantee the Halal status of a product or an eating outlet. Unscrupulous individuals use the label only for their own business gain.

  • Do not be deceived; some outlets or restaurants will even employ a Muslim and put them on the front line but in the real sense, they source their products from non-halal suppliers.

  • The term ‘Halal' is now being misused by many money minded people. Halal Certification by a genuine body is the only solution for both traders and consumers. Do not take risks; stick to products that do not compromise your Imaan (faith)

  • Many people (Muslims) do not have the expertise to understand the complexities of food technology and manufacturing processes. They also lack adequate information about the Halal status of these food products. We have instances when even practicing Muslims inadvertently stock and sell or even consume a product in the genuine belief that it is Halal yet it is Haram. Without a bonafied Halal regulatory body, how does the ordinary layman measure the integrity of an outlet, restaurant or food product?

  • Halal Certification is based on evidential methodology and not hearsay. KBHC's mission is to develop and implement controls and monitoring systems, thereby guaranteeing the Halal status of products and giving Muslims assurance and confidence.



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