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Kenya Bureau of Halal Certification (KBHC) is a not-for profit making trust whose aim is to ensure that Muslims consume lawful or permitted products that comply with the Islamic dietary standards, as prescribed in the Holy Quran.


KBHC aims for the highest standards with regard to Halal products as stipulated in the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah (teachings and practices) of our beloved prophet Mohammed (S.A.W)


  • To improve accessibility and variety of Halal products.

  • To educate the public about Halal and Haram issues.

  • To seek co-operation from other stakeholders in ensuring that Halal food is availed to Muslims and the general public.


  • Strive to totally eradicate doubtful products by continuous inspection from the product source to the consumer.

  • Maintaining the strictest criteria for universal acceptability.

  • To obtain international recognition based on professionalism.


KBHC was born and operates essentially out of one concern only: to be able to provide assurance that what we are consuming is HALAL.

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